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Digging up the old

Allen in MT

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Was up to the mine doing some work on the cabin and decieded to go down to the dig to see how things were going. This area is riddled with old underground diggings. This is some of the last tunnels that were just dug on Friday. This was about 15' down. Just trying to imagine what it was like back in those days and the work the old timers did just having to haul those timbers down a little hole to shore up their diggings. This was only maybe 4' wide and4' high. Tight quarters to work in. Yes there was a little gold left down there.

enjoy and HAGD

Allen in MT

post-227-087888600 1286115801_thumb.jpg

post-227-069246300 1286115821_thumb.jpg

post-227-056812800 1286115833_thumb.jpg

post-227-099844000 1286115848_thumb.jpg

post-227-081683200 1286115866_thumb.jpg

post-227-084803100 1286115878_thumb.jpg

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Thanks for sharing the pictures Allen. Are you running all the material through a trommel?


Here are a few pic's of what the guys are using at the mine, the mine belongs to a good friend of mine. I just go and detect behind them and pick up the crumbs as they don't have time to do it.


post-227-041153100 1286130891_thumb.jpg

post-227-098344000 1286130902_thumb.jpg

post-227-003126300 1286130919_thumb.jpg

post-227-074785900 1286131073_thumb.jpg

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Allen, Those are some way cool pics! Is there much oversize gold that comes off that opperation? I have never seen a big tromell in opperation since I have been interested in gold. Thanks,


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