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Thank you, everyone!


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Over the years a lot of you guys helped me. I learned a lot on this site. Everyone from Bill who broke my nuggetshooting cherry to Gary (Grubstake) who sent me a cooling neck cloth for my hot traffic details to Ron for the nugget rake to Rich who offered to help me move and Glenn for the Rhino trip. Plus many more. You all have my thanks. Any of you ever need a newbe's help just drop me a line. I don't forget my friends. When I moved from Pennsylvania I was reminded I was leaving my old boys network behind. Well there is one here too! True I can't get you out of legal trouble here and only into it I still have some talent in other areas.

Bill this is one of the great things about your site. You are helping folks every day. All they need to do is look, it's there. I know this site is true to your heart. Any of you new guys need equipment call Bill or Denny. They know their sh*t. You get more than a detector with those guys. Trust me on that. They will put you on the right path!

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Aloha Frank,

Yes, there are a LOT of people on this forum willing to step in and lend a hand whenever asked. I for one have been helped too many times to count by total strangers out in the middle of nowhere and they just say "Glad to help" and go on their way without so much as a second thought. This is what makes this hobby to great! Strangers actually willing to come up to you and ask you if you need a hand. dang, it sure makes me proud to know each and everyone on the forum that I have met so far. Sure am looking forward to meeting up with the rest of you guys one day.

Hope you all have a safe day and God bless.


Stan aka Ka'imi

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Hey Frank,

I would hesitate to call you a newby.

I have read your posts for years and a newby does not have the kind of experience

you are drawing from. Perhaps gold hunting is new, but the essentials you have down

as you have recounted a number of times especially as it was related to your police work.

I think it would be very educational to get to hunt with you.

Just reading your posts, it is clear you have a lot to offer..to anyone who is willing to learn.

I'm just sayin...


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Hunting for a tini nugget is a adjustment after hunting 50 pound gold bars down deep. Slow and low with the tini coil instead of the big coils. I'm a quick study though after I think things over on something new. Nugget hunting is just as much fun as treasure hunting. I like detecting in the open clean desert. Deep forest with the bugs and weeds and tree roots can be a pain. I like working in the desert sand. It's so easy with that little plastic scoop and the Hermit pick. Mud is mud and sand is sand. Sand is better! I'd hunt with you anytime Flak! I've learned more than you know reading this forun for the past few years. There is a lot of knowledge here.

As they say. Get busy living or get busy dying.

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Thanks, Frank. It's good to be able to call you a friend as well.

I'm looking forward to putting your latest learning to good use (once I can get out of Santa Monica).

I'm still rather the newbie to detecting, and I don't have the absolute best gear... but it's still fun and interesting nonetheless getting out there. I look forward to learning right alongside you and who ever will teach me!

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