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I don't know how many of you check out my Blog, but I have good info there too... Latest is Why Join A Club http://nuggetsh.wordpress.com/ Enjoy!

i read your story bill. that was a lovely story of the old man, it reminded me of growing up fishing on my uncles lobster fishing boat, we had a crew of 6 on board and when my father was home from working on the lighthouse he would be out too i was about 8/ i asked one day why we had these two men in their 80s they couldent work as hard. my father said it was what they knew is what counted, later years fishing with them i would remember them pointing out spots where their father and fathers father had got good catches and indeed we would do well.

These2 good men are all gone now hopefully in a better place looking down on us. i wonder what there thinking of me gone from the waters of the west of Ireland to the desert in Arizona, what a change. i love being out there sluicing or drywashing and gettin a little colour/ i got a cheaper used whites gmt and hopefully i will find a nugget or two over the winter with it so far i only use it to check my tailing piles.

my father is approaching his 80s now and he still fishes passing his knowledge on to my younger brothers, one of whom is almost half my age.

Im very proud of my father and proud that i grew up with an older generation of peole that were humble and good people in simpler times. i seem to be running into more of these people in gold basin whoe are full of knowledge and friendly and it makes the weekend meeting people while looking for a little colour. my father keeps asking how manu ounces i have yet i tell him its going to take a while to get that much lol.

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