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Gold Bug 2 test


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OK, Id did a video test with two different sized pickers taped to poker chips and dug some different depth holes in my back yard. The results: GB2 is a very good machine, pretty awesome actually. And I have to remember with my limited knowledge of this skill, THERE IS a learning curve. I was totally off base. It picked up that fine gold 3" down buried in dirt. The bigger picker sounded off like crazy 3" down.

Here's the video on my gold prospecting channel. I have to say I appreciate the replies, tolerance and wisdom from these forums. Oh yeah, I love the GB2!

Gold bug test

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Was the video able to play all the way through? Someone else said they couldn't get it to play.

I has no problem with the video playing, YouTube is sometime quirky and sometimes a video will "freeze", I just refresh the page when that happens and then the video works fine.


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Hey wjbell, glad to see you are getting the hang of your GB2 and can't wait to see some finds. Try to learn every detector you can get your mitts on and by doing so you will also UNDERSTAND the process a VLF and PI goes through to find a target. Learning how the detector works inside is almost as important and how it works on the outside.

The GB2 has Powerful 71kHz Operation for extreme sensitivity to small gold nuggets and I used to find hundreds and tiny bits in drywash tails both fine and coarse piles at that. It amazed me how many little pickers were in the fine piles and where those piles had been in the case of old ones that were long gone leaving only the coarse flattened circle of gravel.

I still own a GB for hunting mine dumps I happen across... :inocent:

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