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Nuggetshooting near Graeagle, CA???

Uncle Ron

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Yo all...Dodacious and I are traveling around N. CA and will be spending some time with family near Graeagle and Quincy Kalifornia...Anyone have any tips about the area for some nuggetshooting? Thanks!

Cheers, Unc

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Uncle Ron you can go down to Sacramento to the Govenator's office. He must have a lot of gold since we don't have a state budget and are ninety days past due :thumbsupanim:olddude::inocent: . While you are there you might check out the gold museum next to the train museum in old Sacramento. Jerry

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East a Quincy hang a right at Homegarden and go south to the Feather river crossing to El Portal and watch for grayish heavies as PT abounds and what a hoot, one of the few areas that has produced diamonds. SF Yuba between Nelson and Purdone crossing is a BLM rec area that is RIGHTEOUS(ancient tert river crossing) and when ya hike a 1/2 mile or so GOLD GOLD GOLD-tons au 2 u 2 -John PS welcome to N.Cal and we are in a hot streak=101-103 for week now but feather river canyon at altitude usually much cooler. Ifn' ya want a righteous article with food,history and whatnot last months AAA mag had the complete touristas review of Quincy-

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Uncle Ron,

Send me a PM and let me know when you will be up this way. I could point you in

the right direction, but most detecting spots I know will require an atv or 4wd.

Gold is easier found with a gold pan or sniping and I could hook you up with some

good spots to do that. Aren't you a member of the wspa?


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Ron, I found my first hanger, which I'm still wearing (after 30 years) from Terry's Riffles, above Serpentine Canyon. Tried a Goldbug and 18000, there couldn't ground balance out the serpentine; that's when I decided to try a PI. Haven't got back up there since.

Might also try above Rich Bar.


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