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Hangtown, welcome to the forum. As with any pictures, it is somewhat hard to tell if a suspected stone is a meteorite or not, but there are a few things that you can do to start the process for ID. First, is to put a small "window" on a corner of the stone to see if it has any small metal flakes on the inside. Most common chondrites have a nickle/iron matrix with metal flakes spread throughout the stone. Second, do a streak test. Take the stone and streak it against a piece of unglazed tile, like the underside of the toilet lid. If it streaks red, reddish brown, black, then it not's a meteorite. Most meteorites will not streak. The third test is a magnet, but you have already stated it sticks to the magnet. This being said, that is not a very reliable test. My concern is that you stated that it was in a creek bed. If it was laying in any water at all, then it would be heavily rusted, if a metal meteorite. If a chondrite, then it would be worn down, and possibly broken in to pieces.

There is a wealth of information here, and by all means look at some of the other posts to get an idea about meteorite hunting. Good luck and keep us posted. Jason ;)

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