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Record Heat In NV

Dakota Slim

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Nugget and I spent some time at Rye Patch and the weather couldn't have been better. Saw some old friends and met some new ones. Didn't find any gold so we moved a bit and are now looking for a new patch and/or some old coins. Meanwhile, the weather has gotten unbelievably hot. It's 97 now and heading for a forecast 98 today. It was 38 degrees this morning!!! The average high for this day is 79 and the old record was 94. It's supposed to get even hotter. The forecast highs for Wed., Thurs. & Fri. are 98, 101 and 99. I dug out the swamp cooler for the occasion. It's amazing how well these things work with 8% humidity. About the time I shut down the swamp cooler it will be time to put on a jacket and get out with the detector.

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Redding 101-102-102 today and more a coming. LA set historical all time record at 113 in downtown LA--my god,stuck in bumper to bumper,smog,ungodly stink,noise and talk about road rage--and god made LL on earth. Luv the pines El D as much cooler,quiter and cleaner and hope that new drywasher is puttn' a righteous smile on your face and nuggets in your pockets too :brows: John

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Just wait guys we are heading into a solar maximum now. We just got finished with one of the most quiet times in the sun we have yet recorded it even worried scientists it seemed it was so inactive. mad0264[1].gif

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