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Hi All,

Hey I want to welcome long time friend Dennis Miller to Nugget Shooter. Dennis has been around for a long time at the forums, outings, clubs, and in the goldfields as many of you already know. Dennis will be representing Nugget Shooter as a partner based in California and will offer all the products available through Nugget Shooter including Minelab Detectors and accessories. Dennis will also be trained and authorized to give instruction with all machines he offers as well as online or phone help.

I will let Dennis offer his contact information and if at any time you can't get me he will be able to help answer your questions about any of our products.

So please give him a big welcome to the team!

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Thanks Bill. ,My contact info is

Cell 805 448 2087.

E-Mail Dennismillerptg@cox.net.

Besides just being a Partner, I,am able to give training on the Minelab Detectors.I look forward to provideing the service and instruction that people deserve,

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Hi Bill,

You have picked an outstanding person as a west coast partner,


From first hand experience I can say that Dennis posses one of the most sought after treasures one can have; integrity.

He is a patient and through teacher with a miners knowledge of geology

who can draw from years of experience detecting for gold.

He has another important trait that is often overlooked in a prospector - curiosity.

It has led him to many pieces of gold that others, less interested or less observant, would have missed.

Whoever gets to know him will understand why I am praising him,

he's the real deal.


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Congrats. I know you have been wanting this for a long time and I'm glad that you and Bill have partnered up in business. Nuggetshooter and Minelab both have one hot team now. Bill you could not have picked a more honorable partner. Good luck as you both grow 100 fold.


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Its really great to see the amount of personal attention Bill has given to this forum lately. And I am one of many out here who were concerned with your personal welfare as well as worried and wondering about your position in the retailing of detecting/prospecting equipment. I believe youv'e grabbed the reins with 2 hands again and look foward to the fall/winter season comming upon us.

Good luck Denny and hope to meet up with you one day.

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