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My intro to the Minelab PI Detector

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I told this story at the grand opening in Prescott today and thought I'd share it here as well. For the first several years of successful nugget hunting for me I used a Fisher Gold Bug and Gold Bug 2 the most and found a whole lot of gold in the early to mid 1990s and on. Sometime in the late 90s I think a fellow named Dave and I owned a claim along with another fellow from MI that produced some nice gold for us. One day we were on the lower end of the claim me with my GB2 and Dave with a Whites GM3. As we were detecting we noticed a couple guys on our claim detecting and approached them to let them know it was a private claim, both were using Minelabs. After learning they were not aware the area was claimed we got into a friendly conversation about detecting and detectors.

One of the two had recently purchased a SD 2200 and planned to sell it in favor of his trusty 2100 and Dave and him struck a deal right there on the spot and he cut a check. Dave was sure proud of his new Minelab, but I was not impressed at the time. So he ended up with a new Minelab SD 2200 and I met two guys who turned into good friends over the coming years. Still rib them now and again about being "claim jumpers" As I said it was not intentional and I just pick at them in fun.

Anyway Dave was bragging and yadda yadda Minelab this, Minelab that and kept trying to get me to let him prove what he was learning this new super beeper could do, me? Still Minelab shminelab and I was doing fine with my GB2. Well he finally talked me into it and off we went to see what the new super beeper could do in one of my favorite spots...

Big mistake...

He found a nice nugget right off the bat that was in the middle of an area I had gridded and work over many times. Way out of range of my trusty Gold Bug 2 and I was shocked and now in a panic. It took me several days to find a SD 2100 for sale in Yuma and in the meantime Dave found more nice gold in "our" patch, but after testing the 2100 in Yuma I was ready to go and have never looked back.

It took me quite a while to go over all my old patches and I found 100s of nuggets I missed simply because the VLF detector could not reach them due to the hot soil. I have been using Minelab PI detectors ever since....

I shortened the story down some, but this basically was my intro to the Minelab PI....

Still use the GB now and then on a mine dump, but 99% of my hunting is with Minelab PI beepers now.

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Guest goldstudmuffin

Hi Bill,

Thanks for not shootin' us. :arrowheadsmiley: Where in the heck was that anyway... :thumbsupanim I can't even remember how we stumbled on that area. Dave was very nice to us... when he asked us how we liked our minelabs I told him how good they were and that I had a 2200 for sale and he couldn't get his check book out fast enough. :yuk-yuk: To this day I still don't have a nugget from the LSD area! :aw-shucks: Of course it would help if I hunted there.

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Hi Ya Russ,

Good to hear from you and that was up King Soloman Wash many years back. You guys were out scouting the hand stack piles below the old mine area. Folks knocked down or stole our markers almost as soon as we put them up each year so it was not well marked. LSD is still giving up nuggets although we are working harder for them these days.

You and Scotty still getting our regular?

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Guest goldstudmuffin

Yes we've still got the gold fever... It's just to darn hot in the lower deserts so we take the summer months off, we'll start going again in the middle of October. :olddude: Did you ever get back over to that area :shhhhh: where we bump into each other a couple of years ago? Scott still says what a cool dude you were to take his detector and ship it into Minelab for repair!

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