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Bahraini Customs Seizes Metal Detectors

Ant Man

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So I arrived here in Bahrain three months ago to work for Uncle Sam and shipped my Gold Bug II separately so I could hunt the beach and hotel areas for lost jewelry and whatever else I could find. My detector never made it.

After a lot of work I tracked it down and found out Bahraini Customs had confiscated it as "military explosive equipment." I sent them copies of the owners manual and explained what it was to be used for and they basically just wouldn't have any of it. I can almost guarantee I will see somebody else using it later this year.

Apparently they change the rules very often as they want, and if they see something they want to have they just make it "illegal" to import and then take it. Glad I didn't bring a high-end Mine Lab over.

I'm super pissed off!

Just thought I would let you know so it doesn't happen to you.


(PS - I'm accepting donations for a new GB2! Haha!) :yuk-yuk:

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It has happened in Mexico as well during car searches. Unfortunately it is a risk you take when crossing any border where you surrender your rights as a US citizen. Just aggravates the heck out of me and I have turned down invites South of the border for this reason.

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Control box in checked luggage with a $100.00 bill attached in

plain view...when the inspector opens your luggage and gets to

the detector box just be looking the other way....ship the rest

of the pieces in two different boxes and different times....


you know of someone that has actually paid the customs duty on

a detector get his serial number and in permanent ink put his

number on your unit along with a copy of his paper work...

Make a repair invoice on a company letter head...list the repairs

and value the "repaired" unit at $1.00....

Leave your detector at home and at your destination rent or buy

another one from the local Mafia....

As a last resort call the consulate and ask what the rules are

before leaving the USA....

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