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Beating the heat...

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Getting out early this morning to give a friend a few pointers in the LSD area. May do some hunting as well early to beat this heat wave we are having. Geeeeeze enough already where is fall? Real nice in the mornings until the sun shows up over the mountains....

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:thumbsupanim Almost a inch a rain ,from last night,in the gage,59 degrees and 95% humidity in redding Kalif and fall colors galore aaaaaa the poison oak is beautiful in the fall :rasberry: John

Reminds me I need to get up that way to the Top Of The Line Farms.

For fall colors, I always think of the Mississippi River around Iowa to Wisconsin. My mind goes back to a houseboat watching barges come and go.

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Turned out to be hot and skunky.... :aw-shucks: But any day out on the hunt is a good day, just better if ya score a nugget or two.

Well I guess if I lived within a couple of minutes to there I would probably be there more often as well :inocent: Mike C...:ph34r2:

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So how close are you to where you hunts ?

2 of my favorite areas are within a few minutes of my house. Little San Domingo wash runs through my property... :inocent:

Used to be almost a sure thing to get one or two a trip, but these days ya gotta work for them :unsure:

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