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Could someone tell me what this is?

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Shore is a weird lookin bugger, the outsides looks like alligator skin.

If it were mine I'd file an inconspicuous spot on it to expose the inside, then let us see a good clear picture.

Funny how the exterior weathered/broke down into those shapes.

Any specific spot to file? How big a piece?

Also, I could not get the fridge magnets to stick to it, does that mean it is not a meteorite?

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Hi Joe,

Thats a very interesting rock you got there!

A magnet sticking to it would be a good sign, however, some of the rarer meteorites such as carbonaceous chondrites and LL chondrites don't stick well to magnets as they have very little or no iron/nickel in them. File down or cut off a corner to see what's inside, and post a picture of it. This will show us more tell tale signs of a meteorite such as chondrules or metal flecks.....or terrestrial features. Please keep us updated.

Dale R.


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Fridge magnets won't tell you much if you had a good quality rare earth magnet you may see a difference.

As far as where to file or grind , one of the protruding points would make an easy to work area.

Thanks for all the help guys. I am going to take it to school today to have my local college scientist take a look at it.

Is it safe to wash off in any way? It has a lot of dust/dirt on it.

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