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Thanks for asking Frank,

Spent two day learning about the company and the direction Minelab plans on taking in the future.... This was an excellent conference and I came away with a very positive attitude about my future with the company as well as the future of Minelab and upcoming products both for the hobbyist and professional. I met most if not all of the staff and technicians that attended and learned more in two days than I have in many years.

I will say more about some of this later and I think you will notice some major changes in my Nugget Shooter business as the next few weeks/months pass. I will be increasing time available at my store as well as increasing personal representing Nugget Shooter in the field to help better serve our customers. I am really jazzed after this conference and have a new plan....

I really wish I could share the passion shown there for us and our hobby as well as for each individual using Minelab products shown by all members of the Minelab team including the CEO, but you had to be there. I will say I have never worked for a company so involved and concerned with customer service and satisfaction with their products and you folks as customers will see a BIG change in the next coming months as the new formulas set in place begin to work out and become standard operating procedure at Minelab.

More to come....

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Everyone at the get-together in LV is saying the same and hope it's true! We'll talk around the campfire Saturday night at RP :rolleyes: Headed out tomorrow, earlier AM. Be back in a week or so.

Take care, Shep

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Yo Billy...In Bozeman, MT, today and went into the ML dealership which also has cool minerals, tektites, meteorites, fossils, etc...The lady, Polly, that runs the place met you at the ML shindig...She said she couldn't forget the tattoos!!! :yuk-yuk: I bought a cool tektite from her with a nice regmaglytch (or however you spell it)...This is awesome country up here...Cheers, Unc

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