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Union Pass (the hard way)

frank c

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Well me and my other half Teri decided to do a hike early this morning. I haven't been out since the last time I took Uncle Marvin for a ride in Meteorite country last week. We didn't have my Jeep or any ATV's so we hiked a ways to gain access to the old road that used to be, which came from Kingman thru Golden Valley to Bullhead/Laughlin. By way of Union Pass. There's an old 2 pump gas station still standing with an stone house and some stone cabins along with some other structures still standing. An underground spring is on the property, lots of ol hand stacked stone walls, 1 old grave site and the most beautiful hills an mountains surrounding the area. The temperature there was much cooler than the rest of the valley of which it is part of. You could feel the humidity from the surrounding ground that is saturated with water from the underground spring.There are loads of trails to take off on in all directions. We even spotted a small frog he's hiding in the brush in one of the pictures, pretty strange finding a frog in the middle of the desert.

I took a couple pics of a rock formation us locals call "Dick Rock" you'll be able to tell which pictures include the formation without having to use too much imagination. I picked up 1 baseball sized geode that came from a side canyon that I'll cut up next time I fire the rock saw up.

Nice way to spend a Sunday morning.

Here's some pics for ya.

post-562-092419300 1284325243_thumb.jpg

post-562-013625600 1284325338_thumb.jpg

post-562-038695400 1284325443_thumb.jpg

post-562-005116700 1284325495_thumb.jpg

post-562-065559000 1284325578_thumb.jpg

post-562-066938000 1284325685_thumb.jpg

post-562-026884800 1284325712_thumb.jpg

post-562-020177500 1284325765_thumb.jpg

post-562-079501300 1284325904_thumb.jpg

post-562-048635000 1284326107_thumb.jpg

post-562-094385200 1284326133_thumb.jpg

post-562-026449800 1284343685_thumb.jpg

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Just read a article on that area in 4 wheeler magazine(mex to canada run offroad) and MUST be the same as bottom right hand corner has THE WEINER ROCK I laughed so hard at,is mama nature a tryn' to tell us sumthang???John :inocent:

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Frank , I have been there a couple of times on my quad. You should have seen it a couple of years ago before the "riders" started tearing up the station , it was complete as far as windows doors and the floor.

That place has always been a great place to stop for a rest and just to enjoy the cool air and to observe the wildlife there.

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