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Hey where's my citation

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Hi All

Several months ago the Coronado National Forest advised me that it is now against the law to collect meteorites on all public domain lands :angry: . Well on my next visit to thier office a few days later I gave them a donation of a Gold Basin and a Greaterville meteorite with a request for an aknowledgement letter :) . They told me they would have to cite me for having them :nono: . I said they better make sure they are meteorites first and asked for a 10 minute advance notice before they raided my house :unsure: . They agreed since they didn't think they were meteorites :hahaha: . Well out of boredom and looking for a fight I send this email a few days ago :hmmmmm: .

Hi Karl,

I'm still waiting for my citation or letter of acknowledgement for the donation of the Greaterville and Gold Basin meteorites to The Coronado National Forest. I prefer them to be used for the purposes of education for the public. But if this policy change on meteorites from personal use to restricted is enforced then the the Forest Service and BLM might need them to train their enforcement staff. Either way its fine by me.

Warm Regards

John B.

PS My mailing address

John B.

Well yesterday I got a notice of a certified letter in the mail held at the post office :shrug: . Thinking I finnally got my citation I went down and signed and got it :inocent: . dang they send me my meteorites back :angry: !! Does't that make them assessories to the fact or something :blink: ??

Happy Huntin John B.

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Well now seems they are a little confused by your never ending generosity and need to educate. Will be interesting to see what their next move will be, but I am surprised they did not accept your donation. Our goverments wisdom in these matters is mind boggling... :stupidrb:

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