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I don't consider myself a tightwad but I do like getting my moneys worth...I sure did that

when I bought the PC-7 that "grubstake" told us about for the skid plates...I now have it

on about 15 skid plates....that's 15 that will never wear out!!!!

I have a pair of Bates boots that I really like...it's their desert boot with metal eyelets

and drain holes...I also have another pair of Bates that are a lot thicker and hotter so

the desert boots are my favorites....a couple of weeks ago I was beeping a ridge that was

loaded with small to medium size rocks of which many were quartz...at the end of the day

my right boot was missing a big chunk of sole on the heel....another almost piece that was

broken and about six inches long and another chunk across from it was broke off and missing..

So got out the PC-7...mixed up a big batch and put it in the holes where the missing chunks

had been....then raised up the torn 6" piece and put the PC-7 under and around that piece...

here's the fantastic results post-300-022418900 1284211942_thumb.jpgnow I'm afraid the dang

boots will outlast me...

Also drilled out the metal eyeletspost-300-072018900 1284212021_thumb.jpg then went on and

drilled out the metal drain holes in the side of the boots post-300-032113500 1284212082_thumb.jpg

filled the holes with Shoe Goo...now my favorite boots are non-metalic...

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