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Thanks Bill for the great service


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Bill i,am sure you are off to Lost wages. A big thanks for helping me with Minlab and getting a great detector out to me so soon , I even tested it out in Basalt Hell last wends, It found it,s first little nugget, then it went on to find lead at 1 foot to a foot and a half right down in the Basalt boulders, What a dig. This thing is smooth as silk,I was using the hi mineral small gold settings,.I could run the gain at 13 and be smooth.I,am off to Nevada for a 2 week hunt and grunt also the WSPA outing, I will post some of the great things i have found out about the 5000 when i get back and have the alotted hours on the machine, All i can say right know is .Those old patches don,t have a chance,. I,am very interested in running the coin relic mode in benine soil to see what the depth can be on this machine,

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Looking forward to your report when you get back.

Good luck and say HI to everyone at WSPA Outing for me.


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Hi Denny,

Glad your a happy camper and sounds like a fun trip up and coming. Will be sharing some new info soon and yes I am in Vegas attending the Minelab partners conference. Seeing old friends and meeting new ones and learning allot! No kids the wife and....um....Minelab :brows: Great weekend so far.

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