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Hey is this a METEORITE

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MM, welcome to the forum! Let me be the first and say it's pretty hard to tell from the pics you posted. But there is always a possibility. There are several things you need to do before hand to put in in the right category of thinking it is a meteorite. This forum will have the necessary items if you search for them. First, what color does it streak, when streaked across an unglazed piece of ceramic tile? If it's light brown, red, black, or any version of those, then it's not going to be a meteorite. They won't usually leave a streak. Second, is it magnetic? Not the end all, be all test either. You say it has some metal "flakes" in it? Next you need to file a window on the corner and see what the inside looks like. Most chondrites will have a nickel/iron mix and will be spread out throughout the stone. Thumbprints or regmaglypts are also another sign of being a meteorite. This happens when the stone enters the atmosphere and heats up to "sluff" off the outer material. These need to be checked and see what the results yield. Again, welcome to the forum and let's us know what you come up with. Also, some better pics might help too. Jason ;)

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