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Is this an Earth rock?

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Hi Folks,

I found this rock yesterday on path that contained many small granite and flint type stones as it stood out from everything else there. I picked it up and it was heavier than the other stones of similar size. When I got to my van I took a magnet from my tool box and it stuck strongly to the stone. I researched meteorites last night and found this place and thought I would ask the learned and more experienced people here if I have a meteorite or just a piece of earth rock, maybe some type of iron ore. It passes many of the basic tests for meteorites I found out about last evening.

The stone has many small black flecks throughout it. These flecks stick to a magnet after I knocked a few off with the tip of a small screwdriver onto a sheet of paper.

Here are a couple of pictures I took under different lighting conditions.




Any opinions on this rock would be gratefully received, even if you can tell me I'm an idiot for thinking this piece of rock could be a meteorite!



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Hi Stig,

Looks like what you have is definitely an Earth rock and is metamorphic rock that would be consistent with the other rocks you describe from your area. It does indeed have some iron in it which appears evident in the photo by the rust on you specimen.

Keep trying and thanks for your question!

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Hey, Stig.

We find several of those on each meteorite hunting trip. (they stick pretty good to a magnet.) And even though I know they are not meteorites, I keep them.

When you cut/grind a flat side on them and then polish with sandpaper up to to 1500 or 2000 grit, the interiors are wild. Translucent matrix, crystals and metal. I think they are pretty interesting to look at with a loupe or low power microscope.

Best regards,


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Hello Stig,

Definitely terrestrial. There are definitely many meteorites to be found. Research your area and see what has been found. If you can access some of those areas to hunt and more then one meteorite have been found, it will improve your chances. Be tenacious and spend lots of time in the field. There is a ton of good meteorite info here on the forum that you can study. Keep on hunting and good luck!


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Thank you all for taking a look and giving me straight, useful and polite answers. Your time is much appreciated.

I am more determined than ever to find a meteorite. I feel my chances are slim as I live on an island of 30 square miles which is also one of the most densely populated places on the planet (65,726 total - 2,182 people per Square Mile) but there is always a chance I could find something.

The only large areas of open public land are the coastline and beaches. I do not know if beaches are a good place to find meteorites. I thought I had found one as a child on the beach but it turned out to be a rusty cannon ball from the 800 year old castle that defends the main harbour. I now know that meteorites are not usually spherical like that.

Once again, thanks for your help.

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LOL! I finally figured out it is a reflection from the seat belt on the windshield :stupidrb: The gentleman we spoke of should be here in early October. I'll give you a ring when things harden up a bit. - Terry

Hi Terry

You know what that is!!! :grin: Its a Chemtrail pointing to a pot of gold behind that little bitty peak. :hahaha:


P.S Did you ever hear from your dude.???

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