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this is good for the newer fokes>>> here the info

New this year, the Center for Meteorite Studies will have staff available to inspect potential meteorite specimens in person. Meteorite enthusiasts can take advantage of this unique opportunity to learn if their unusual sample is indeed a meteorite! Only one sample will be identified per person. Center for Meteorite Studies staff will only be available for this special walk-in service during the Earth and Space Exploration Day event.

Dont thank yule get one classified but if your wording then this is for you

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The public Meteorite Identification Program hosted by the Center for Meteorite Studies at Arizona State University has been suspended effective immediately (September 8th, 2010). We have had to suspend the program due to the substantial recent rise in demand as well as budget constraints and staff limitations. We are working on a more outreach-oriented program directed toward school-aged children, which we hope to have up and running in the near future.

This was posted on the met list today by Dr. Laurence Garvie.


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Well I don't get it !!????

And if I didn't just hear on the Phoenix newscast that ASU enrollment is up this year to over 70,000 students, and possibly the largest enrollment in the nation for state run colleges, I would have just forgotten about this all together.

I went to ASU on line and used their calculator to find out how much tuition ranges were and (not really understanding it)( because I received my education on the STREETS not too swift am I ), I came up with a couple quotes that ranged from over 8,000 to over 20,000 dollars. TIMES the general population (enrollment) of over 70,000 and I need my calculator.

Anyway we are looking at tremendous figures for totals and thats living OFF campus.

AND they have to cancel a 1 day event scheduled for 6 hours open to the public because of budget and staff problems ????? There advertising on their website staff is up quite a few percentage points over the past.

I feel deprived losing that 6 hour window of opportunity open to the general public. I guess I feel like Andy Rooney, I just don't understand that it would be so expensive to man a location equipped with the necessary materials for the type of testing they were going to offer free and run it for 6 hours out of a day.

AAAHHHH I need my blood pressure pill , government crap I guess I'll never understand them.

In essence Theyre saying everything is bigger and better than last year and they can't do that.

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