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The way it was

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I found an old can that was still readable and it made a good photo. The instructions would not make sense to anyone in a Starbucks today.

And who is this guy? He looks like an extremist to me.

Does anyone know the trick to sinking the grounds in cowboy coffee? It is not cold water like in these instructions...

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Well, you are all right in your own right...

But the old coffee pots always had a bail. If not, the cowboys used a coffee can with a wire for a bail. When your coffee was done cooking you grabbed the bail and swung it around. The centrifugical force settles the gounds in a heartbeat and your coffee is grounds free with no filter at all!

An old cowboy cook on the Kendrick Cattle Company in Wyoming showed me that trick when I was just a pup. I have never met anyone who knew that piece of lore yet.

Best darn coffee made!

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G'Day Bob

You're spot on mate. Sorry I'm late to get back on this one, just saw it and it brought back alot of memories when I used to go camping with my mum and dad. They were full on tea drinkers and still are. He needed a billy boiling all the time, he loved his cuppa. He used to get that billy boiling, throw in a couple handfuls of tea leaves, wait for it to do it's magic, then he'd spin it. I always watched in amazement, especially the control he had. I would have hate to have seen what would happen if he stopped at 12.00. I was always curious why he did that, but I was afraid to ask.

My mum and dad told me "you don't speak unless you're spoken to" so us kids kept quiet. But I decided to risk it one day and ask him why he did it, of course fearing the clip behind the ear from the back of his hand. dang, those were the good days. He had us under total control.

But this day, he didn't retaliate and he explained to me that by spinning the billy, the tea leaves went to the bottom. I've never forgotten that.

Thanks for the memories.



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