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Release timelines for Minelab Pi detectors

Au Seeker

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I always get confused with earlier Minelab Pi detectors as to what order they were released, could someone make a list of all the different Minelab Pi detectors and when they were released or at least the order they were released?

I have done a internet search to try and find this info for myself and others who are looking at getting their first Minelab Pi detector but I didn't find a list compiled in doing the search.


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The 2100 and the 2200 were before the gp extreme.


That I understand, there was the SD2000, SD2100, SD2200, which I believe the earlier ones had a green control box and came before the GP Extreme, did later versions of these detectors have a blue control box?

Then the SD2100v2 and SD2200v2 had a blue control box, did they come after the GP Extreme?

I know that the GPs were a higher tech detectors, I'm just trying to get the timeline correct for all of these detectors.


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