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SD2200v2 vs. GP Extreme


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Was wondering what your opinions are on these two detectors. I'm in the market for my first big boy minlab and I'm thinking that the SD2200v2, GP Extreme and MAYBE GP3000 are within my price range. :shrug: I'd be hunting primarily in northern NV/southern ID/eastern OR and want to know what would be my best bet? Thanks.

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I have both the GP Extreme and a GP3000 Both are good machines

Sorry I have never used the SD2200 although I would love to have both the SD 2100 and the 2200.

As far as wich is better the Extreme or the 3000 I like the Extreme better its a little more noisy but the differences are so little it doesnt justify the difference in machines TOO ME other's will surly disagree with me but hey this is America and I am entitled to my opinion aren't I?

The SD machines and The Extreme & the GP series are totally diffrent detectors in the way they work.

If it was me and I wanted a good detector for weekend hunts get the original GP Extreame Its a fantastic machine for Big and small gold.

But when you can find staples on the surface of the ground and dig 3 foot round 4 foot deep holes for a Pepsi can in a wash you gain some respect for the capabilities of the machine!

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The 2200 was good, the GP Extreme was better( in some ways)...that is the evolution of the technology...you won't go wrong with any of them if you learn your machine...the 2200 needs an enhancer for better signals...

I suggest you contact Minelab and see if parts and repairs are available for the model you decide on...otherwise you may have to go to one of the Modders...

good luck


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Fred is right Minelab did decide to stop servicing some older models

But I THINK your ok with the SD machines still?

Its only been the last few years they stopped making the 2100? I think???

I just looked it up and it looks like you can still buy the 2200 new wich kinda proves how good of a machine it really is they still make it!

Unlike the Newer machines wich are getting changes every couple years and previous models are pulled from production.

Just me but Boy The Price tag on the newest latest and greatest is a Bit tough to swallow in today's economy especially for a piece of equipment thats going too see more closet time than field time.

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