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Hello Bill, have had excellent success with the pre-production and production versions of the GPX-5000, compared to the 4500 you should notice much better overall stability, quieter running on noisy ground in all timings, an overall improvement in Enhance, and of course the new timings such as Fine Gold, Salt Gold and Coin Relic.

The first most notable thing to an experienced 4500 user is the refinement in the GB, it is now very precise which is brilliant in our nasty Australian soils, a few hits on the quick Trak button if the GB is way out and then steady pumping of the coil brings it down to a whisper purr of the threshold which is now very stable (the 4500 was a very nice machine to use so this is saying something). I have revisited areas even in Normal timings and found gold missed thanks to the detector being less impacted upon by ground effect, variable ground is no where near as problematic especially when EMI is present. The detector will still react to EMI just that it does not seem so dominating as before unless it is extreme.


Couple of pics of some of the gold I have been finding in recent weeks. Speci weighs over 16 ounces



1/2 ounce piece found at 18"


Gold found today (Fathers day with my dad)


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JP,I like the looks of the nice gold you have found with the 5000. What coil were you using to locate the 1/2 ouncer at 18''. Keep us posted on your success with the 5000. Have you tried the 4800.


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Hi Mike C. and All,

First thanks JP for chiming in...

My Take? OK I will tell you my opinion thus far.

I feel the GPX-5000 is the most stable and quiet running detector I have used yet bar none and to me this fact alone allows the operator to hear targets in all ranges better than with previous models and any time we are able to hear better there will also be advantages in depth in both large and small targets.

I am very impressed with the "Find Gold" timing for use in many of our patches in the Southwest USA that have fairly normal or moderately mineralized and have found some ridiculously small pieces in a couple of my small patches along with a 3 gram nugget in a well hammered wash resting on bedrock. Also this timing will eliminate falsing from most hot rocks in the areas I have used it except for actual magnetic minerals like magnetite which is iron ore and will give a signal.

I have used no after market coils as yet and the Commander 15 x 12 mono or 8 inch mono have been the coils I have used the most so far.

The "enhance" timings also are improved upon and more sensitive in average to moderately hot ground here in the Southwest.

The settings folks have grown accustomed to using on the 4500 will also now seem crisper and more precise for lack of better words, but this is attributed to the gain in stability of the 5000 overall.

I have not spent allot of time in the Salt or Relic timings as they are not needed or usable where I have used the 5000 so far, but a friend mentioned what about the relic timings for places where big gold has been found in lightly mineralized soils? It will indeed be interesting to see if this thought produces some whoppers with the added depth in this setting on larger deep targets. Didn't work well in the areas I have tried to use it due to soil being hot as well as constantly changing mineral make up.

I have a long fun season ahead with the GPX-5000 and will share what I feel or learn as I use it more. I again have gone to some old patches at LSD and found a few nuggets, but got skunked at Dome yesterday though we did find trash targets in my pounded little patch. The main difference in the areas is soil depth, LSD was deeper ground and more nuggets were missed. Dome was less than 8 inches to bedrock in much of the area hunted and hard for much more than crumbs to be left except for areas with deeper overburden that still likely hide some nice nuggets.

They do not grow back and shallow placer ground can indeed be thrashed almost bare of most detectable nuggets after 20+ years of VLF and PI detectors sadly.

Is the 5000 a improvement over the 4500? Yes indeed and some improvements are much more than subtle in my opinion, Minelab has really got a good one here and worth the wait. Alas someone is likely to throw a dart my way calling it dealer snake oil and that is fine because as these detectors get into the field you will hear users echoing much of this info and more as they begin finding nuggets. Perhaps many will simply say nothing :ph34r2:

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Hi Bill no darts this time you did an honest real pounded out patch test with real results--thats why your my favorite dealer-unfortunatly I won't be able to cough up the denaro for this one I might send my 4000 to woody in oz and see what he can do with it---$750.00 is alot less painful than $5600.00---Thanks Mike C...:ph34r2:

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Hi Bill,

I want to add my favorable opinion of your post about the 5000.

I have read the early field reports from other forums in Oz,

especially JP's - I have sent you a link to one of his threads.

Your impressions match your personal style: even-handed and accurate,

without the slick selling points that most of the dealers use when writing about a new ML product.

JP's comments on the other forums are in the same tone.

Detailed impressions that an experienced operator can read and understand.

Of course he has been savaged by the huge chorus of nay-sayers

that seem to lie in wait for anything he has to say,

but he has not bothered to rise to the bait,

letting his words and his pictures speak for themselves.

I trust you will do the same.

The 5000 is a big deal and so is your honesty

and as you know I have put my money where my mouth is.

All the best,


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JP thanks for the input, you always share and it helps us out here with the learning curves,

David your words always ring so true, When can you go?

Bill I have to say that beating up that old patch is a good way to learn /test the machine,I did a lot of scrubing for small dinks,This patch has been beat to heck .I found some missed lead at depth and some other targets, I feel these we missed as they were faint but clear targets to me.

I have broke in 3 of the past new minelab detectors out there, What a great way to test the preformance and my memory. And this was the smoothest right off the bat,Of course i have more and more experiance every year,

I spent some time in relic mode and it hit harder on deeper trash {what ever the hell that means},but it will be many hours to get all the functions down to a tee,

It was stunning how quick it balances out and how smooth it was, Also i could have the coil at a angle and off the ground or right on the ground scrpapping and it was always smooth as silk. There is a bit of emi there and it was unnoticeable except for a few seldome spikes.

I know that the minerization is low there and i,am looking forward to giving it a good drag thru Basalt hell next week. I can see that this will be very interesting. I,am excited about the salt mode also.

Bill thanks as always and it was fun to say the least, I did not know there were bear in that area.

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