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Billy, I apologize for some of the posts on another post. I told you, I would wait and didn’t; I just got carried away and I’m sorry.

Now update, Got a phone call from Kevin from Minelab a few minutes ago. Even with poor cell service and my dang hearing impediment, Kevin told me he sent me an e-mail last week and I never got it. From what I got from the talk, is he’s working on finding out what happened to my original detector, he explained what ML is doing to hopefully eliminate these problems in the future, a new job position for someone to deal with situations between the customer and ML ect ect.

I’m satisfied with his response and even more so, that this won’t be our last conversation. He will continue to try and find out what happened to my old detector. Just give him some time. This is all I wanted someone from ML, to respond and give me an explanation.

Thank You Billy! Want that Cabo Margarita delivered by a tall dancehall girl next time we meet around the fire? I could do that ! What’s John B.’s phone #? ;-)

Thanks, Shep

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Shep good news I,am also in talk,s with Kevin it seems that we are inportant to them after all, It is a big help when Bill calls in for us,Looks like the problems of the past will be just that ,Past,Hell you did not even buy the detector from Bill did you, Well i guess you learned that lesson, You see i bought one from another guy once but i,am really picky and if i get lied to once the relationship is over no matter what the excuse, That is where Mr Southern really does a lot better than the rest, It is a trait that can not be fabricated , Also why i will see him tommorow .See you in Nevada get ready for some long days swinging the old coils Thank you To Scott/ Kevin and Bill Southern.

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