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AMDA Hunt Canceled

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Got this today and looks lie there will be no fall coin hunt in Laughlin this year...

I spoke with my contact at The Mojave Crossing Events Center. The tribe

wants us to go through the administrative process to request the use of their

property. This could not be accomplished in the time remaining. I informed

him that AMDA is no longer interested in using the tribal land this year.

After my email message last week I did receive a phone call from Richard

Regnell, Director of Operations Amargosa Opera House and Hotel in Death Valley

Junction, California. He offered the use of their land for our hunt. I informed

him that I would review their website (www.amargosaoperahouse.com) and let

him know if AMDA would possibly hold a hunt their in 2010. He stated that he

had access to 268 acres that could be used for our event. He went on further

to state that 20 rooms were available at the site and 80 additional rooms

within a short drive. Also, RV parking with hookups and dump site are

available. Pahrump, NV is 27 miles away. This property is not within the

boundaries of the Mojave Desert National Preserve. This appeared to be tempting

however I decided against holding a hunt here at this time. Here are my reasons:

(1) Time, there is not enough time to advertise this hunt. Few people are

familiar with the area and as such attendance will suffer, (2) Attendance, I

simply don’t believe enough people will show up. The bulk of our hunters

come from AZ .or SoCal. Laughlin is centrally located for these people and

within a reasonable driving distance 5 - 6 hours. This location would add

additional driving time perhaps as much as 3 hours each way for people from

these locations, (3) Hunt Site, neither I nor Carolyn have even been to this

location, we have no idea of what problems holding a hunt here would present,

(4) Draw, lets face it, Laughlin with its gambling and other amenities

will draw people. I doubt many wives will view Death Valley Junction in the

same light and have the desire to spend several days there. So there will be no

2010 AMDA hunt this year. If any further questions please contact Bernard

at (916) 635-6854 or by email at bgg589@aol.com

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Just messing with ya---I had company with Mike K--Jim B and of course my wife and even got to see Jim Straight again--good time-maybe one of these years that coin club down in Tucson will quit being so cheap and have another hunt again-Can you hear me JB B) Mike C...:ph34r2:

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