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Uncle Marvin Said "YOU DIG?"

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Why sure I dig all the time I told him. Well ya don't have to this time just " LOOK DOWN ".

Yup he was right it was there where the BEEP was 30 grammer, and a 5 gram in the same area.

Seems like Uncle Marvin is back on course. He hasn't been out for a couple months the rest did him good.

I hope Marvin got yer Space Juices flowin enough to get out there and brave the heat.

Hapy Huntn Folks

post-562-034670700 1283294537_thumb.jpg

post-562-087022100 1283294590_thumb.jpg

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Frank, nice finds! Once the heat cools off a bit, I'll be back down there looking for them ol' beauties :ph34r2: . I haven't been done there in quite some time, I hope I still recognize the place. Jason ;)

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Hi Frank, Well what a team you got going there! I think it's up to Seventeen GB for the year (so far) that you two have scored. These two finds are nice additions to the collection. I have just got to get me a meteorite finding companion like Uncle Marvin. Nice fines!! Clifton

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Jayray, I hope you and yer boy will make the October outing.

Dale, You're aware of the Oct. outing in the works right ??

And Thanks for the tip on Capriotti's, We've hit that place 3 times when we were up in Vegas the past few months. GOOD STUFF. :thumbsupanim CAPISTRAMI THATS THE TICKET.

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