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Without going into a great amount of detail, the BLM plans on closing many roads around the Lake Havasu area, to include across the river in So. Cal.

They have a few different plans from "No Action" meaning No Closures, to closing the majority of dirt roads we love to travel.

Please write to the address listed below and let them know how you feel. Right now it's REALLY HAPPENING in my back yard. Tomorrow it may be in yours ! ! !

Even if we were to agree to the least amount of closings, they would take more. The old Inch/Mile concept.

Thanks for your help, Patrick in Havasu.....


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Patrick & All...Thanks for alerting us to this, Pat....I just sent the email below to the BLM:

It has been reported extensively online that BLM is planning to close many dirt roads in the Havasu area. I am writing to protest the closure of ANY roads in the area. To do so will deprive citizens of their right to enjoy recreation, prospecting and mining. Thank you for reversing any decision to close desert roads.

Sincerely, Ron Long, Wickenburg, AZ

I urge everyone who reads these forums to send your own email...Cheers, Unc

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They've hocked the real estate, with mineral rights, to the chinese... :angry-smiley-010[1]: :nono: Cheers, Unc

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Here is the link to our local BLM office. Look under "Havasu Travel Management Plan". They also show 4 different maps indicating the different plans. I have talked with the people at this office in person, and they don't like it either. Many of them 4 wheel also. I was also told that only the "open roads" will be marked. The closed ones will have no signage at all. Isn't that reverse thinking?

I guess the rumor is true: Common sense is dead...


Patrick in Havasu.....

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After going up on the website, reading the available information, downloading the maps, and trying to figure out what BLM is saying (this is a chore all in to itsself), it looks like this process has been on going now for almost 4 years.

Assuming (we all know what that means) that the information posted is correct, people have showed up to the meetings and voiced their opinions but have not followed though with the letters.

I live in California, which as you know, has already had to give up our land freedoms, I personally stand firm with all of you in Az. DO NOT LET THEM GET AWAY WITH THIS Do the follow up and send in the letters and download BLM's form that they have posted to voice you rights. :twocents: :twocents:


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It seems that many western states have indeed become "Areas of Critical Environmental Concern" because our federal government has all but banned Americans from entering vast areas within them. Uncle Ron, if I was lending the US money at this point I would undoubtedly ask for some kind of collateral.

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