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LR2000 and GeoCommunicator


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Does anyone have problems with the LR2000? When I load the page a small popup window appears then disappears. I have everything on my browser set up right.

Also, how up to date is the geocommunicator? If it's pretty accurate as for mining claims I'll just use that.

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I just tried the LR2000 and had some issues. Maybe they will have it running later.

For a quick reference then the Geo is ok. It is better to run a geo report in the LR2000, but even then it is risky. If you truly must(and should) know what claim status is then you should go to the county assessor,and maybe the BLM agency too.

To summarize : No, the LR and the Geo are not very reliable, and dont show you the exact claim boundary most of the time. There are active claims that do not show up on the geo for months or not at all. The geo may also show active claims when they have infact been closed.

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