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My first Gold

south fork

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I was about 14 years old when my pal rick came over and asked me to go fishing and Gold panning with him and his dad. The next day we were off on an adventure of a life time. This started out as a weekend trip to the north fork of the yuba at slate creek. They called the spot johns after the old sourdough that lived there. Old john showed us how to pan for Gold. I watched him drop a nugget into ricks dads pan when he looked the other way. When ricks Dad spot-ed that Gold he started yelling at us to start panning. At the end of the week end Ricks dad asked if we wanted to stay For a week and He would drive rick old john and me up to strawberry valley to call my mom for permission and supplies But we would need to hike back down the wombu trail ? That weekend turned into 3 weeks of Adventure for some inter city kids. Old john was our guide and was in his 70s but that old guy could out walk us and did. He let us run wild. I can still close my eyes and smell the bacon and sourdough pan cakes and the wood smoke. Ive made many trips back to that spot threw the years to mine and fish. I still call it johns.

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Every Kid should have a memory like that.

To bad there getting harder and harder to achieve.

Not too long from now, the kids are only going to see what was and dream about it.

Get it while you can Kids!

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Part of the reason I am planning some drywashing this season, my whole family including the grand kids want to do it. Metal detecting doesn't seem as fun to them watching me walk around. But with a hole to dig and a puffer, cleanup, and panning everyone even the wife get involved. The San Domingo Placers are very close to me and there are some good drywash spots still to be found there.

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You guys are thinking right...the kids today need what only you

can supply them with in adventures...not only gives them good

memories but also ones you'll remember even when you don't

remember anything else in your "golden years".... :thumbsupanim

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