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Nugget shooting in Virginia

Au Seeker

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Nugget shooting in Virginia, surprised?

Well I was, these were found by Barry a veteran relic hunter but new to nugget shooting using a GPX 4500 in Virginia on 2 separate occasions, the exact location is not disclosed, the total take is around 3 ounces, all found "intermingled in quartz bedrock", I will post pictures of the nuggets and a links to he posts, but there is not much of a story to go along with the posts, but finding gold nuggets like these in the east is a story in itself!!!

It seems that 8 other nuggets were found on a previous trip before these two trips where posted, the weight of the 8 nuggets is not know by me.

The first trip posted nuggets totaling .885 ounce were found in about 2 hours, in this picture I believe it is either a dime or nickel for size reference, the second trip posted a total weight was not posted but should top over 2 ounces found in 6 hours, in this picture it appears to be a dime for size reference.




post-10941-045379500 1283089196_thumb.jp

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Hi Skip

Actuall there are a lot of gold mines in VA, The friends that I stay with in Culpepper, VA there is an old gold mine next to his property, I go back there occasionally to hunt civil war relics on the road to Fredricksburg there is a gold museum, quit an interesting area. Here is a list of some of the mines.



Allen in MT

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WOW! That is some really nice gold that fellow got and I have indeed hear of folks finding nuggets back east and in the South as well. A couple years ago I was sent some photos of small nuggets from Georgia found with a GPX-4000, not as many places to hunt as we have in the West but there is detectable gold elsewhere for the savvy nugget shooter.

Thanks for the post showing those beautiful nuggets!

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Allen, Bill,

Yes I know there is some good gold to be found in Virginia and the south, I have a lot of friends up there that find some nice gold and on occasion find some decent nuggets dredging, but this is the first big nuggets I have seen found with a metal detector up there, these were found on private property which is the case with most of the best gold areas in Virginia as well as North Carolina, Georgia, and South Carolina.

I will be getting up there soon, a few friends have just leased a great area up there and I have join in on the lease, this lease will only have 50 members at this time.


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