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Gold in Phoenix?


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Any gold in the Phoenix viaducts after these heavy storms?

post-300-087415100 1283080593_thumb.jpgPHOENIX -- A surprise downpour sparked collisions involving 69 vehicles on an interstate near Phoenix's downtown area Saturday evening, closing the westbound roadway for hours and sending seven people to hospitals.

The crashes -- described by authorities as the most in a single Phoenix area in recent memory -- began about 6:30 p.m. with many drivers going too fast or not leaving enough distance between cars for the slippery conditions, Department of Public Safety spokesman Bob Bailey said.

"The storm hit hard, hit fast, and caught a lot of drivers by surprise," he said. "The collisions began in the far right side of the roadway near the 7th Street exit ramp and this thing kind of perpetuated itself, enveloping the whole roadway."

None of the injuries was life threatening and most were fairly minor, Bailey said.

Phoenix Fire Department spokesman Jonathan Jacobs said several others were treated at the scene for minor injuries.

A five-mile stretch of westbound Interstate 10 was closed for about 3 1/2 hours, reopening about 10 p.m. PDT. DPS said the roadway was blocked off at Washington Street near downtown Phoenix and several key onramps are also closed.

Bailey said at least half the vehicles in the crashes had to be towed away, accounting for the lengthy closure of the westbound lanes. Eastbound traffic on I-10 wasn't affected.

Dozens of people involved in the accidents remained on the interstate for hours after the accidents, Jacobs said. Authorities handed out snacks and water and brought in air conditioned city buses for them to relax in until arrangements were made to transport them home, he said.

Summer monsoon storms in the Phoenix area desert can bring heavy deluges with little warning, often causing localized flooding.

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Not likely much in the Phoenix proper, but there has been allot of erosion in the deserts this summer. Most of the washes have run bank to bank more than once during the many heavy rains we have seen and this has moved the gravels around exposing areas previously covered in overburden and visa-versa.

In one particular wash I hunt after every heavy rain the gold is in a layer of red hard gravel under the lose gravels moved by the water flow and as new areas are uncovered by water I manage some small nuggets from the almost cemented gravels. It is also interesting in that the nuggets that come out of the gravel when digging are reddish tinted and those that have been liberated by the water flow and found in lose gravel have lost the red and are nice and clean.

Folks here do not drive well in rain... :shrug: As is evident by your post above.

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