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I have like many of you a quad for getting back into the bush as it saves much time over driving the truck. For a while I was simply using a gun rack to haul my detector as it vibrated and bounced with the quad.

First the ring holding the coil plug came lose...

Then a coil bolt (plastic) snapped while driving...

Then the ring where the power cord goes came lose...

There is allot of vibration involved when a detector of any brand is mounted directly to a quad without being encased in a case and partially disassembled to minimize vibration. I should know better as I have rattled apart many a gizmo in my saddlebags on my Harley when going cross country. Stuff like cameras, volt meters, and other stuff subjected to vibration while traveling. Heck even a fishing boat will rattle fishing reels guts apart sometimes hanging in the rack.

What also concerns me is what is going on inside of your control box when buzzing along on the quad? What small screws, nuts, or solder joints are under undue stress? Not allot different that just laying it in the truck bed :tisk-tisk: I mean I have seen some neat ways to haul on a quad, but many subject our detectors to conditions they were not designed to withstand.

I now do partial breakdown and stow my detector more securely in a padded box to limit vibration as best I can when traveling any real distance.

We pay sometimes thousands of dollars for these detectors and subjecting them to these conditions is not necessarily in the realm of good ideas as I have already learned. Most brands of beeper we use are well built to give years of dependable service, but are not built to withstand bumping around and vibrations of riding unprotected on our quads.

There are some good options like padded gun cases or stow boxes on the back with padding added. Even a good padded carry bag will really help. And keep in mind the front carry rack gets the most vibration under most conditions especially if your detector is mounted hanging in a rack.

Yup it is a pain in the butt breaking the beeper down to fit your case or bag each time you travel to a new area, but more of a hassle to have to have a damaged detector repaired or possibly replaced :inocent:

Just some food for thought my friends...

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Good point Bill, I remember seeing one guy here in MT going thru the trees with his machine on the back rack, yep didn't notice until he stopped that there was a set of trees narrower than his detector :tisk-tisk: I've see them in a carry case slung over your shoulder like a rifle. The best bag I've seem and have is one from Doc. Made of extra heavy duty codova material and big enough to hold the 4500 + 14" round and a couple other coils batteries everything, strong and durable.

Allen in MT

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I picked up a big padded golf club travel bag at a flea market. It's padded and nice and thick. A perfect fit for the 2000. Was only $10. Has big pockets for my batteries and extra wires and stuff. Even has a pouch that my swing arms fits in. + it's blue like my eyes.

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Hi Bill you've hunted with me enough times to know thats the only way I carry my beepers is on a rifle rack on the front of my atv-been carrying them for years that way without any problems-knock on wood-remember when I flipped my atv :cigar: I had 2 beepers in the rack other than just gettin a little scraped up and bent here and there they worked fine after that-but what you say is very good advice B) Mike C...:ph34r2:

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Good points, Bill. I made up an aluminum box which holds the head (box) and handle encased in eggcrate foam, the shaft and coil are exposed. It runs fore and aft (sometimes go in brushy area or narrow trails) and it works for me. Out in the open desert, going from spot to spot, I will use rifle rack which is rubber cushioned, but for long runs-it goes in the box. I like the box cause it'll help keep rain and dust out and vibrations to a minimum.


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I bought a large rear mount box when I bought my Polaris. I tape the cord straight up to the knuckle joint (no wraps). The wraps are all above the knuckle joint. I just loosen the joint, push the little button and twist the lower shaft and coil until there is enough slack to take the shaft apart. I use foam rubber pads below, between, and on top. It just takes a few seconds to reverse the process. Montana makes his own box and does not have to take the shaft apart. I just ain't a good fabricator. My box mounts with two plugs like the drain plugs for a boat. The box is dust and water proof but a lot more expensive than making your own. I have seen some nice boxes that fellows have made.

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Hi Bill,

Glad to see you back on here again...

The way I carry my detector is in a soft "Kolpin" quad case. I too have to break it down to make it fit, but it seems to work just fine for me. (Then again I don't ride much faster that 25 or 30 mph.) Here's a pic of how it is on my quad. Hope it helps. Plus it was fairly inexpensive compaired to some of the rear bags and boxes the I've looked at at the time. I hope this pic isn't too large to see easily. It's padded on all sides and seems to handle the bumps and bunces that I get while traveling. Plus it's big enough to carry all of my extra coils and any other items that I might need.

If anyone is interested in a LOW milage quad, it's for sale.

post-1305-070075800 1283135931_thumb.jpg

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