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Man I'll tell ya some of the roads into a few of my favorite areas are getting rough. The County used to maintain them for years just to spend money I guess and you could drive a regular car way in, not now. Suppose from a selfish point of view this will limit many from using our BLM land for camping, prospecting, etc. making the boonies a little more private.

The BLM claims it is just due to budget cuts in funds to keep recreation area roads passable...

County also had an article in the paper some time back about Federal funds being cut for road maintenance.

But are these roads in danger of being closed by the BLM as no use areas as they deteriorate?

Maybe I am just paranoid....

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Bill history will dictate that to be true,It is a common ploy used to shut down areas, You could find out how much atv/off road permit monies they are getting or applied for, and try to get them to use the funds for road repair,That said when we did that out here 10 yrs ago the next year they did not apply for the funds and the roads became closed a few yrs later,On a selfish/good note it will keep the masses out of your patches.

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It's not your imagination! Once Good serviceable Forest roads here in New Mexico have been eroding away. Hell some still carry the Forest Road Signs and you can barely tell there was a road there at one time.

They just let the country reclaim the roads and is the end of them.

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Keep a lookout for future updated maps put out by the managing agency. Usually they start removing roads and trails from updated maps that they don't want people to use in hopes that they will be forgotten.

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