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The under Bill's foot nugget


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My nuggetfinder hero Bill Southern took me on a little 10 cent tour this morning. Showing the old SGT how the pro's do it and the lay of the land. I was busy looking for a shoe tack and Bill said he wants me to check something out. He said, "I think there's something under my foot see if your old 2000 can hear it". After digging about out it comes. The under Bill's foot nugget.

Bill, I can't thank you enough. Those who have not had the chance to meet Bill he is the real deal. He knows his shi* for sure. :thumbsupanim

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Glad you and Bill got out to the gold fields....congratulations.

And your right Bill is a class act.........A few years back he cut an gave me for my Dad a meteorite, because my Dad was interested in metal detecting for them.


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Hey Frank, Thats Great! Is that your first AZ nugget? And Bill, its good to see you still have the touch for spreading the FEVER, I am sure Frank will not even think about the heat now! Congrats on the nugget Frank!


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The 2000 did pick up the nugget. Keep in mind it has all Ismael Jone's 2000 mods in it. Is it as good as a 4500 on very small gold, no. The 2000 makes more sound than a 4500. The nugget was Bill's lesson #5 with a test at the end. First can he and the 2000 hear it. Then this is what those little nug's sound like. And last can you get it out of the ground. Bill located the nugget but was kind enough to use it for my exam.

Nugget shooting is different than treasure hunting. I had asked my old buddy Bill for some direction and he came through. I won't forget that Bill.

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Glad ya had fun Frank, We'll do it again soon and hopefully it will be a little cooler or at least less humid.

The 4500 signal was much stronger and more precise, but the modded 2000 heard it just fine and it was down a few inches I would guess.

I did manage 4 very small bits and 2 that were around 1/2 gram.

Hey Mike C. You know by looking at it don't ya? I told Frank you could ID spot many LSD nuggets and where come from by their looks :inocent: Lot of water moved in that wash this summer.... In all of them for that matter.

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Frank, I purchased My 3500 from Bill and he gave me some very professional lessons in Nugget huntin at LDS.Bill found four nugs that day,but the detector lessons that day have helped me find a lot of gold the past four or five years.Thanks again Bill ,I'm still using that 3500.I bought Maureen a good used 3500 a couple years ago and she is outdoing me again this year.


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I do not ever salt gold man..... I have areas I can take someone and be fairly sure they may get one or I will call them to a target. Not liking that comment much :aw-shucks:

darn its good to have you back Bill.

Bob :olddude:

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