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Howdy All,

I'll keep this real simple.... This is a Gold Forum and I ask that you please keep the political crap to a minimum or it will be deleted. There are plenty of places to hang out and talk politics and about the mess our country is in and God knows it is very important to us all. This is not the place though unless it is directly related to prospecting in some way and this does not include remotely.

We are bombarded daily in the news etc. and just about everywhere we go, but it is not needed here. These posts lead to nothing but insults and hurt feelings when folks came to learn about prospecting with a metal detector. If this is not acceptable to you please do not reply with insults or complaints this time around and accept this forum for what it is.

We have lost members over these type posts in the past as well as recently and it will end now. :zip-lip: This is not the first request by admin. or the mods., but now we will simply act.


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Great... "Lets go Prospecting!"

Jim Straight

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