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Yippee; Bill is back!!!


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Thank you Fred and All,

I have been through a couple life changing events as of late and things have now started falling back into place. I will not bore anyone with the details and just glad things have settled a bit for now. I fully intend to get back into the swing of things as soon as the weather cools a bit and am chomping at the bit.

Missed being here and keeping you guys in line and I see things have been running quite smoothly for the most part and I gotta thank the Mods and members for keeping on with the mission to help others in this great hobby.

The website is always open and I have detectors in stock ready to ship (not the new ones yet) and will be re opening the store front here in Morristown in October if all goes as planned, I will be open by appointment (623-910-03450) or you can catch ,me Monday to Thursday after 4:00pm. I will be stocking only Minelab products as far as detectors and coils go and an assortment of accessories both Minelab and other... Why only Minelab Detectors and Coils? They are simply the best out there for finding nuggets hands down.

Thanks again for the welcome back guys and believe me it is very good to be able to get back who and what I like best second only to immediate family :thumbsupanim

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Bill... I'm Truly Glad to See You Back.

Jim Straight

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Good seeing you online again Bill.

Might be a litte latter this winter before we get down to the RV park, might not leave here till after x-mas sometime. Hopefully you will have a little time to do some beeping.

Did Mel ever get moved??


Yes Mel got moved and haven't heard from hime since.... That boy likely has him locked in a room :shhhhh:

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