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Belen New Mexico


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:olddude: hey guys, I made it back from New Mexico, we were on some ranch land 8 miles off of the road with an arroyo. I took my MD cheapie and turned it on and set the sensitivity high and dug in the dirt when I got a siginal. I filled a 5 gal bucket and panned some but not all. No gold some black sand, but I ran the MD over the remaining dirt and still get a siginal, I will pan it all out and let you guys know. :olddude: :shrug: Pop's

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In Belen? That is a heck of a long way from any outcrop or gold bearing geology. I hope you found some gold there though. The closest placer to Belen is Hell Canyon on the San Ysidro reservation 15 miles or so north east of Los Lunas. In the Manzano Mts.

I thought you were vacationing in Chama?

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:olddude: We were but the rio chama was running about 1500 fps or better for the kayakers up by the dam where we were and I could not find any place to pan or sluice, it is mostly private land and you know how that goes. I could see the Manzanos about 10 miles away and that is where the arroyo came from I was told. :olddude::inocent:


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