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my plan for this weekend

Jim Gilmore

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I never got my rv smogged. I'm going to load my rv with my generator,1 work light 3 gallon gas jug. Shovel,drywasher and a pair of buckets. And try to get at least 1 might of drywashing. If I'm lucky I'll be able to get 2 nights. I will pan what I get when I return here to my wife's place. I checked and My little generator will run the $10 work light I bought today maybe I can get some decent gold .

So while I will be spending more in gas money to go drywashing. I'll at least get to try out Franks ole yeller.

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best of luck with old yeller drywashing. have you an area picked out where you know you will get gold or previously got it there. youll find it is akward moving around when you have genny and lights to haul around also. my 2 cents worth would be on site and drywashing by 6pm that will give yu almost 2 hours of light to get everything running and you can do a bit of drywashing before dark to see if ur getting colour.

i usually keep a light near the truck for when your panning concentrates and you can have that light to move and see your way back to your drywasher[ you dont want to step on a snake]. i had an extension pole about 14 long keeping the second light way up over where i was working but with that i was tortured with thousands of bugs trying to drink sweat of the back of my neck and arms, las time i kept the lights lower and didnt have many bugs ,but it was also breezy and the wind helped keep them away.

Try to have the genny close to where your working and once darkness falls keep it running all the time, i believe by having the genny running on the ground the noise and vibration keeps the snakes away. this hot weather has them hunting at night and early morning and there agressive with the heat.

about 4 weeks back i have a keane 151 drywasher that has an engine that heats the air and blows it through a 4 inch pipe to the drywasher, during and for a while after the pipe stays hot. when dawn broke and it was light before the sun peered over the mountain i stopped dry washer and took fine to my truck tail gate to pan out about 15 yards away. i was there for about 10 minutes and returned to the dry washer engine to re fill it with gas i reached down to unscrew filler cap when all of a sudden i heard the ratters of a large western diamond back snake he was at least 6 foot long, when i looked down there it was stretched along the warm dry washer pipe about a foot away from my feet/ i moved back quickly back to the truck/ my heart was in my mouth at that stage. after watching him for about 5 minutes i turned my back to get something out of the truck and he was gone and no where to be seen. needless to say i carefully moved out of that area. i dont mean to scare anyone but im a bit paranoid after that encounter and i had no snake chaps on.

hope you get lots of gold and after a night of hard diggin and drywashin the drive home can be tiring, i have a small cooler that i have ice and a small wet face towel in it if i start feeling tired i wipe down my face with the wet cloth and to keep it on one neck helps keep one awake also.

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Enjoy your time hunting gold! Hope you get a bunch!


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:thumbsupanim TONS A AU 2 U 2-John :thumbsupanim

Well I'm home. I made it out to the claim by 1:00. I dug a new hole because my current hole had pretty much collapsed and sluffed into the hole. I did did numerous times yesterday and into the night. I find I poop out quickly and have to lie down and take a break. That's why going out by RV was the plan. I might have moved about 1 cu yard or so. Maybe I'll go through my dirt tomorrow before I go to disney. I did drop my stuff at the rv and have the pans in my honda. I'm positive I have some gold. How much I have no clue yet.

I brought a short wave uv light, and did find a few small samples of sheelight. Which I dropped and lost when I was packing the car. The florecsed bluish color and I did see a few aers with a lot of small bluish spots that might be places to try a new hole.

I was happy to get to use the new drywasher and It worked well. Definitely was fun to get out. It was very cool last night and my honda is not a fun place to sleep. I missed my bed in the rv. But it was a good night to play with the uv light. No moon.

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great to hear you made it out. gettin there is half the battle. hope you gots some colour seing the colour is what makes it worth while and for one to find more.

i remember reading on the net that uv light is hard on the eyes and you should avoid prolonged exposure. they sell special glasses for people using those lights, something ;\like the glasses they wer when using uv lights on those crime scene showncsi las vegas/miami.

the last night i dug in 2 new areas.

the first 2 lots of fines on the top layer of the hole i placed in a marked plastic bag. the middle of the layers of the hole i done the same with a new bag marking middle.

the bottom layers i put in a different bag.

last night i ran the bottom layer bag of fines through the desert fox gold wheel and got a little bit of nice gold, couple of tiny pickers and fine gold. this evening i got a bit of fine gold in the other bags not nearly as much i guess i was spoiled from running the good bag first lol.

The other hole i dug also got some tiny pickers and fine gold .

Allin all for the evenings and nights digging i think i got about half a gramme of gold which isint much but the last few weekends i seen very little colour trying new areas.

so im optomistic i will find more next week

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