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rained off section 28


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i was out on section 28 club grounds saturday night doing a spell of drywashing. i set up in a place looked promising at the time /set up 151/ got generator out up and running set up some lights.

when i arrive at night or just before dark usually i an tied to the area i park at and can only move around where extension lead can reach with light[ i have dual fuel lanterns but in these dry conditions i dont want to take anychances of causing a fire so i dont use them during windy or very dry weather]. any way i dug for a few hours digging test holes in and at the sides of a new patch of wash that hasnt been worked lately. running fines through desert fox i didnt get any gold ,pathetic for all the digging. there are several piles of gravel there pushed up with a dozer some time back. i got some ultra fine specks of colour nothing worth while at all. lightning had been flashing a few miles away while i was drywashing, as the night wore on the lightning was in all directions and i started to hear thunder over the noise of the engines.

[i keep the genny engine running all the time and the drywasher engine going also/ i hope the noise and vibration keep the snakes away, so far so good, i almost got bit by a large western diamond back a month ago and i havent been the same since, im a lot more cautios and nervous out there now perhaps the warning/near miss taught me a good lesson. i have not got chapps yet foolish me every thing costs and looking at videos of rattler bite victims been air lifted to hospitals in california and the great expence involved im going to try to have them before i go out next ,im afraid of stepping on a snake at night or simple one crawling up where one is digging. that diamond back was over 6 feet long and i havent forgotten him since and he got away and is still in the general area.

Any way got off topic ,rambling on i packed up gear on truck quickly and by the time i got up out of the wash and on to gravel roads on top of the hill/mountain lightning was close and striking all directions. i made it off greggs hideout gravel road on to tarmac heading to dolan springs when the rain came bucketing down/ i havent seen rain like that since i left Georgia. i had to drive slow and crawled through dolan springs on up towards the highway doing about 20 mph. the rain was so heavy and the rain drops large, it was bucketing down. on the highway there were no cars travelling towards vegas one could hardly drive at 40 mph the rain was so bad, all the way until i was about 10 miles from Hoover Dam. i wonder will that put an end to the dry washing this year or will the area dry up again soon, im going to wait until it cools enough that i can go for a day or weekend trip as the nights dry washing for $60 gas yielded about ten cents worth of gold . thats prospecting i guess. accu weather gave no rain or thunder in forecast yahoo did i should have taken yahoo forecast more seriously. IT GOT ME OUT OF THE HOUSE FOR A FEW HOURS OVER THE WEEKEND, i hate sitting at home known that big nugget is out there waitin to be dug up ,lol.

Im thinking of making a few videos and putting them on face book/ anyone out there use face book?.

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