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how to post a picture??


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:zapped: When you go below to attachments, click on brouse and look where you have your pictures stored. Click the picture once and then click save at the bottom of your picture file.

This will put your url in the box beside the browse button.

then click the Attach this file in the blue box, you should see a little picture of it if it attaches, then post your message :wacko:


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I am still trying to post a picture so far I take the picture from my file, and tell it to attach and it tell me I can not post the picture. I browse find the picture, and when it is in the window, I hit attach this file???? Where do I go from there??????

Pop's :olddude: :*&$*(: :stupidrb::grr01:

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Hit the browse button then single click on the photo that you want to post then there should be a open button at the buttom of that window hit that then hit the attach this file button then

the post button. That should do it.



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