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Best of Friends?

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There once were two Prospectors, named Eldorado and Bedrock Bob, who were the best of friends. During one particular night of revelry, the two agreed that when one passed on, the other would take and spill the contents of a bottle of fine, Whiskey over the grave of the fondly missed and recently dead friend.

And as fate would have it, Bob would be the first to pass. Eldorado, hearing of his friend's illness, came to visit his dear friend one last time. "Bob," said Eldorado, "can you hear me?"

Faintly, Bob replied, "Yes, Eldorado, I can." Bashfully, Eldorado started, "Do you remember our pact?"

"Yes, I do Eldorado," Bob strained. "And, you'll also remember that I was to pour the contents of a fine, old bottle of whiskey over your grave, which we have been saving for, going on 30 years now?" said Eldorado.

"Yes Eldorado, I do," whispered Bob.

"It's a very "old" bottle now, you know," urged Eldorado. "And what are you gettin' at Eldorado?" asked Bob, briskly.

"Well Bob, when I pour the whiskey over your grave, would ya mind if I filter it through my kidneys first?

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