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Another aerospace product that has made it into the mainstream. We've been using these for years and I always think it's cool to see when machines like these get cheap enough for everyone to use.

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It just loaded and played for me Glenn....it took awhile so maybe just wait it out...

That a boy Don. You should have a lot of practice waiting for Sylvester to catch Tweety. Kat's still waiting for Bugs to finish the carrot :rasberry::rasberry::rasberry:



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:thumbsupanim Ifn' you have the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ the technology is amazing. We electroformed in the 70-90's by simply applying a thin layer of silver conductive paint and you could duplicate just about anything-glass/paper/parts and then mold off of them. Apollo heatshields to laser eye tools to 30' rocket engine testers to telescope mirrors over 25' in width. This takes it all to the next level and I try to NEVER miss Lenos show on cable-thanx much for the post-I MISSED THIS ONE!!!John
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