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Hello all, I have A SD2100 and Im pretty new to detecting.........For some reason i had in my head that gold would give off a unique tone compared to The 10,000 sqaure nails and the 5000 bullets Ive dug....Found some gold and nothing special about the tone, So I was wondering if you guys felt that an Amp/Signal enhacer would be a worthy investment for the SD. Ive noticed that some times the tone on the gold Is very slight(for the most part) and mabye you guys would have some thoughts or advice...Thanx

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I run an old sd2100...doc's signal enhancer and a pair of black widow headphones are an absolute must....As you gain experience you'll become better at understanding what your detector is telling you, but, generally speaking, dig all signals ... a one ounce nugget sounds just like a beer can or horse shoe...Cheers, Unc

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