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Largest Franconia

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Billy, I have seen 3-4-5-6-7 and 800 plus gram pieces from there found by various individuals. And had larger ones described to me by avid hunters.

And Jim Smaller that "ol rascal may he rest in peace" showed me a beautiful iron which could have been "the" or one of the largest, it would have covered half of the palm of your hand I can't remember the weight on it but he had sold it to one of the well know hunter/collectors shortly before he passed away. Their were and are probably still some real "honkers" from Franconia.

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very nice Franconia meteorites! I have seen some nice Franconia irons posted on the forum and other sites as well.


do you happen to have a photo or is there one available of Jim's iron? I would love to see pictures of it! Maybe the buyer can provide a picture for you to post.


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Thank you for posting the pics!! They are absolutely beautiful Franconia irons! Now if Jim can send just a bit of his mighty luck down upon us we will all be set! Thanks again for the pics. Good hunting!


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