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How the British Press Covers Prospecting

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I agree, Terry.

If only American media (I refuse to call 99% of them journalists) would quit being so worried that dipwit groups like Sierra Club, Ducks unlimited, Coalition for Biological Diversity, et al would be up their yellow butts with their deep pockets and flashy lawyers... not to mention lobbyists with hands through politicians' pockets, wrapped around their... figure it out.

I cannot stand the way that so many folks are taken in by these groups. "If you don't give us $25, then you want baby seals to die." Personally, baby seal tastes like good chicken when fried in whale blubber!

Actually, I'm all about protecting the environment and taking care of the land. BUT! I am more in favor of managed, multi-use of PUBLIC lands. And I'm also for doing your research and then taking action, instead of the EPA and other TLA agencies' method of "closed for study" and that study being backlogged 15 years, or flat out lying in the EIA, not following NEPA regs in even a remote manner and then lying to the public regarding what they're doing.

This kind of crap gets me so mad0229[1].gifmad.gifteu93[1].gifmad0228[1].gif

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