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Suction Nozzle vs. Power Jet?

Steel Pan

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Jet will make more suction, and stronger lift.

Suction nozzle is best for shallow water, especially if the end comes out of the water occasionally. It is somewhat of a pain to use because you have to manage both the suction and pressure hoses.

So, it depends on how you plan to use your system........

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I will be in shallow water, 8 to 12".

Why is the power jet not suggested for shallow water?

When you pull the nozzle out of the water it will send a blast of air/water through the hose and when it hits the sluice it will blow most all of the material including gold out from behind your riffles and out of the sluice :whaaaa: , don't try it you will not like the results especially if you are into good gold. :*&$*(: :*&$*(:

I like to have both a suction nozzle and a jet setup for my dredge, and use the one best for the area I'm working,

for 8" to 12" of depth I would use the suction nozzle.


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