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The 14x 24 cabin

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The 1st step is getting the trailer unloaded and setting blocks and leveling. Once the floor joists were in place it had to be tinned so the rats wouldn't chew through, (got alot of rats up here) then the walls which were pre built are set in place, after that it went quick. Started at 9am and was finished by 5pm Thursday, I designed the cabin and the Aumish prety much built it for us. (we helped) :inocent: even has a 8x14 loft in it for the grand kids. Friday I got it insulated and wired for a generator (for power when needed) and the wife started working around the outside, All that is left is putting the inside 1x6 shiplapped pine on the walls, building counters and installing a camper 4 burner oven cook stove and refridg and propane heater also have a small parlor wood stove, run the pipe for the gravity fed water from up the creek, and what ever else I can come up with. Spent all Sunday morning just sitting on the front porch and taking it all in drinking coffee. Its taking shape and will stay in it next week, Going to put up a game trail camera. Have deer, elk, bear, and the neighbor said he saw a big wolf down below us a couple hundred yards, getting ready to start some derious detecting.

Sure was relaxing getting out of town and doing something something different, even got a good ATV ride in and a little detecting.








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Very nice Allen, I have a friend in Alaska who hase a homested across the Tannana River where the Delta River dumps into it. During the summer it is onley acessable by small plane or boat, winter time you can drive a dozer across the river. The big problem there is with the bears. to solve the bear problem he hinged the porch so it could be pulled up tight to the front of the building. The windows are shuttered with heavy shutters inside and out. I wish I had some photos. His cabin is made if logs as the grizzlys rip stidk cabins apart. Idaho Al

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That's it, I'm moving to Montana, lol, well the thought does cross my mind after looking at the cabin, scenery and reading your description.

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