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Just how many ???

Jim Gilmore

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I'm curious. I know there were roughly 80 members at one time in the local detecting club. But what I find interesting is , I wonder how many people drywash for gold. Is the number of drywashers sold to us who look for the yellow ore numbered in hundreds,thousands or 10,S of thousands ? I know many have built their own. I've built 2 and have now purchased 1 to replace the one I had. I may fix it up but I do not have the time this yeah to to do that. There are most likely 10-20 different units you can buy. That's counting different mfg and sizes.

I just wonder how many units there are floating arouund. Not just actually in action getting the gold.

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I am sure there are lots of drywashers out there that are not in use. One of reasons is, drywashing looks easy but the truth is it is a lot of hard, dirty work! There are lots of ways to work cleaner but you are going to come home TIRED and DIRTY, if you are doing it right. After some people try drywashing a few times they have had enough. As for a number, who knows. I do know drywashing is very popular here in AZ.


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Guess you Cali boys are still dirty then eh? Hows that dredging going there?

Gotta love our Government... :grr01:

While dredgiing might be cleaner. I'm not capable of doing too much swiming. So digging is better for me I can do underhand well.

Any lifting must be about even to my shoulder at most. above there is just pain, Thats wht drywashing for me is ok.

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I was reading this thread and it brought back memories of a dry washing trip to the randsburg ca with a friend with a old becks? dry washer lots of dust but that old machine worked great and we found gold. I recently bought a Becks dry washer at a yard sale for $80 bucks It looks like its hasn't been used much if at all. I might give it a try here in Kelsey plenty of bone dry ravines.

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