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Kelsey,California gold


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Congrats, you did well on first 2 counts, an hit the Jackpot on the 3rd (yard sale find) !!!!!!

When you take the 21oo out again and post yer next finds change the setting on the camera to make pics smaller it will work better for you,AND ME I had to scroll over to the next door neighbors property to see all of it !!!! Thanks for posting.

Hapy Huntn

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Hangtown, that's some beauties ... And $40 for an sd2100 is a major score ... Show us you next finds...Cheers, Unc

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I hate going to yard sales but a friend loves them. I have him look out for stuff like that. So far he found one of those self contained blue wheel things for $25 but he won't sell it to me.

Nice gold by the way.

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Hangtown--wow!! You did great with the 2100--it's a great machine, but you've committed garage sale robbery for it and gotten away with a crime by only paying 40 bucks! But, hey--you'll just have to live with your incredible lucky machine now :thumbsupanim !

All the best--beautiful finds on the gold,


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WOW your luck started when you found that GREAT deal on that detector, and it seems to be continuing with finding that nugget, you better get back out there and find some more nuggets before your luck runs out!!! :thumbsupanim


The Gold is nice. But yes scoring a minelab 2100 for 40 buck is nothing short than hitting the lottery. It's like getting a 2 year old car thats never been run for $100.

Great luck.

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